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What is tablet pc

A tablet computer,

or simply tablet, is a one-piece mobile computer. Devices typically offer a touchscreen, with finger (or stylus) gestures acting as the primary means of control, though often supplemented by the use of one or more physical context sensitive buttons or the input from one or more accelerometers; an on-screen, hideable virtual keyboard is generally offered as the principle means of data input. Available in a variety of sizes, tablets customarily offer a screen diagonal greater than 7" (18 cm), differentiating themselves through size from functionally similar smart phones or personal digital assistants.

Tablets, like regular computers, can run a number of operating systems. These come in two classes, namely traditional desktop-based operating systems and post-PC mobile-based ("phone-like") operating systems, mostly, Windows system or Android system.

Tablet computer could be use for create Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, viewing PDF document, and carry out a host of computing tasks like scanning news feeds, browsing the web, emailing, Facebook and Tweeting, listen to music, watch photo slides and videos while on field tours.

You can use it to download free EBooks from Internet, and view the EBooks on it. When you connect it to a keyboard case, you can use it as a mini-laptop.

Students can use it for study, reading E-textbook, and very many different programs.

People, who have mobile computing needs, will find this device can help you do a lot of things even if when you're out of office.

Compare with laptops, Tablet PC is more portable, functional, less cumbersome, longer battery life and more flexible.How to choose Tablet PC

5 Ways Tablets Are Better than Laptops or Smart phones

Choose a simple and easy-to-use Android Tablet PC, or a Windows Tablet PC to meet all your professional need. Now you can personalize your Tablet PC with different accessories.