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CloudCam - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to subscribe to the Cloud services?

It's optional, it's not a must.
You can save the recorded videos offline, on your memory card.

What are the advantages of subscribing to Cloud services?

Let's take an example, suppose, a thief entered your house, took all your belongings and even run away with your CloudCam?
A: If you don't have Cloud subscription, all the recorded videos are gone and you don't have anywhere to recover them from.
B: But however, if you had Cloud subscription, even if they took away or even destroyed your CloudCam, your recorded videos will still be safe on the Cloud, so that you can download/make screenshot of those videos, which will help you find out what happened.

Is the App for CloudCam free?

Yes, the App for CloudCam is free.
You can download it from App store or Play Store for free of charge.

Can I use the App for CloudCam if I didn't subscribe to Cloud services?

Yes, you can.
The difference is:
(1) With Cloud subscription, your videos will be saved in Cloud server
(2) Without Cloud subscription, your videos will not be saved in Cloud server, but you can save your videos on your own memory card.

Can I view/download/replay the videos if I didn't subscribe to Cloud services?

No, you can't if you don't have a memory card inside the CloudCam.
If you didn't subscribe to Cloud services, we suggest you put a high capacity memory card inside the CloudCam, so you can save all the videos in your memory card, and then you can unlock the function of view/download/replay.

Do I have to transfer the videos from my memory card to computer regularly?

It depends.
A: But if there is nothing important, or you feel it's not necessary to save…
You don't need to do anything. By the time the memory card is full, your CloudCam will delete the old videos and use the space for new videos, automatically.
B: And if there is something important have been recorded, and you want to save it…
You can download it to your phone via the App, or transfer the videos in your memory card to your computer.
Please note, if the memory card is getting full, the system will delete the old videos automatically. So if anything important recorded in your memory card, you need to transfer it to your computer, or download it to your phone/Tablet PC as soon as possible. For client having the Cloud subscription, please download it within 7 days (depending on your Cloud Subscription Plan).

Do I have to keep the CloudCam connected to Internet?

Yes. You need to keep the CloudCam connected to Internet, so that you can access (view/download/screenshot and replay) the real time recording videos on your phone/Tablet PC/computer anytime, anywhere, even if you’re abroad.

How does 'push notification' work?

The CloudCam have a function called 'motion detection'. When 'motion' is detected, the App sends you notification on your Smartphone/Tablet PC, and then you can view on your phone to find out what happened (replay) and what is happening (real time streaming).
That means, you don't have to keep looking at your monitor to see if anything is happening, you will only be notified if something happened.
By the way, this 'push notification' will go to all your linked devices.
For instance. You have 5 CloudCam in your house, all these 5 CloudCam are under 1 user name. You can share this user name and password with your spouse and both of you can see what is happening in the house on your own devices.
So only share the user name and password with the one you want.

How many people can I share my user name and password with?

It's unlimited.
You can have 1 CloudCam in your Daycare Centre and share the user name and password to all the parents, so all the parents can see what is going on in Daycare Centre on their own devices.
Suggestion: If you share the user name and password with many people, you need to make sure your Internet is fast enough, otherwise other people may have challenges on accessing your CloudCam.

How many CloudCam do I need for my house?

You can decide how many you need to deploy.

How much Internet data bundle (MBs) does it consume every day?

Internet data bundle consumption depends on different factors, including but not limited to:
1. Backgrounds lighting condition.
2. Quantities of movements/motions detected in different monitoring spots.
3. The resolution you have selected. High/Standard/Low. The higher resolution, the more data consumed.
4. Ambient sound (background noise). Noisy places will record more voice data hence consuming more Internet data.
5. Your Cloud subscription status:
(1) If you don't have Cloud subscription, all recorded videos will save on your own memory card, then the only Internet data you will consume will be during the time you check what is happening using your mobile App.
For example, if you installed CloudCam in your office and you want to use the mobile app to see what is happening when you're out of office, that would be the time you consume Internet data.
(2) If you have Cloud subscription, all recorded videos will upload to the Cloud server automatically. As long as the device is on, and connected to Internet, it will consume Internet data. You can select low resolution video if you want to spend less Internet data bundle (MBs).