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Prices for CloudCam

Mobile apps: Free download

Single CloudCam device:

Ush 400,000 with a 64GB TF card
Ush 300,000 with a 32GB TF card
[Most popular]
Ush 290,000 with a 16GB TF card
Ush 270,000 without any TF card

Each CloudCam comes with 15 days free trial Cloud subscription from the moment of activation

Prices for CloudCam Cloud Subscription Services

7 Day Recording Plan

Record last 7 days of video
Save 1 hour of favourite clips
USD 6 per month, or USD 60 per year

10 Day Recording Plan

Record last 10 days of video
Save 3 hours of favourite clips
USD 8 per month, or USD 80 per year

30 Day Recording Plan (Ideal for the long haul)

Record last 30 days of video
Save 5 hour of favourite clips
USD 25 per month, or USD 250 per year

CloudCam - Tariff Plan

CloudCam price and Cloud subscription Plan