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Why CloudCam is more advanced than the traditional security camera?


1. able to work with electricity or power bank, even your existing home solar system

2. have night vision

3. you can store videos on your memory card, or your cloud

4. you can view it on your Smartphone/Tablet PC, iOS devices and Android devices

5. you can receive push notifications with the function of ‘motion detection’, so you don’t have to keep looking at the monitor, you will be notified when ‘motion’ is detected

6. you can speak using the mobile app via the Internet while you’re looking at the monitor, make real time conversation

7. easy to install, with multiple install option, or, just simply put it on top of your fridge. Say goodbye to the complicated installation and wiring.

8. you can simply replay the recorded video on your phone/Tablet PC/computer, make screenshots or download it

9. you can control and adjust the CloudCam on your phone/Tablet PC/computer, to make it turn to different direction, so you can ‘look around’ on your device

10. you can simply switch to a lower resolution if you Internet connection is slow, to have seamless video streaming