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Something interesting about Android Tablet PC

Most of the students buy Android devices for fun, gaming and social activities. Some buy it for marking their status symbol in the society. No matter what your reason is but you can always use it to help it with your studies or at least a pocket tool to provide you help on the go. No matter what stream of studies you are in, because anyone can always find a useful application for his/her daily educational needs. Below are some tips to make your school and college life easier, and the good news is they are free.

Use it as an Electronic dictionary. Fast look up, effective and free!
An offline dictionary can be useful wherever you go.
It's fast. Do you still remember the old times, in our childhood; we may look up hundreds of pages in a printed dictionary to find out the meaning of a new word? Now with dictionary Apps, you don't need to do that again, look up in no time.
It's effective. Once you type the word in the dictionary App, you will see the explanations immediately. Some Apps can even pronounce the words for you. You'll find this is a great function especially when you're learning a foreign language.
It's free. New technology pop up every day, new word comes out every day; can you keep buying the latest version of dictionary? Now you just update the App, your dictionary vocabulary update automatically. And buying a Tablet PC is much cheaper than you buying a real printed dictionary.

Use it as an E-Textbook / E-Book / E-Magazine Reader
Similar with dictionary App, you can get free E-Textbooks, E-Books, and E-Magazines from Internet or pay some very small money to get them, and you can easily take them with you, read them anytime anywhere, slide pages like a printed book.

Use it as Scientific Calculator
A fully featured scientific calculator in a student pocket is very helpful but if you are carrying an Android Tablet PC, you can just install this kind of Apps and forget the rest.

Use it to remind you formulas
How good are you in remembering the confusing formulas of Physics and Math? Wished I had Formula App for Android in my school age. A must have App for all students. It's a simple, easy to use application which helps you to refer collection of most important formulas of math, physics & chemistry.

Here are just some examples. More interesting things need you to explore by yourself… Log on Play Store from your Android Tablet PC to find more.

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