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Access Point Name

APN SETTINGS for different Internet Service Provider in Uganda

An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GPRS (or 3G, etc) mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet.

A mobile device making a data connection must be configured with an APN to present to the carrier. The carrier will then examine this identifier to determine what type of network connection should be created, for example: what IP addresses should be assigned to the wireless device, what security methods should be used, and how or if, it should be connected to some private customer network.

You may need to use these information to set the APN if your Tablet PC using cellular network. If you're using outside Uganda, please ask for assistance about APN from your local telecom operators.

Name: MTN
APN: internet

Name: Orange
APN: orange.ug

Name: Airtel
APN: internet

APN: internet

Name: UTL
APN: utweb

Name: Vodafone
APN: internet

Name: Smile
APN: internet

Name: Smart
APN: smart.ug

K2 Telecom
Name: K2
APN: apnk2


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