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Charging & Battery Maintenance

tips on charging

1. If you would like to charge faster, please switch off the Tablet PC and then you charge it.

2. The battery may turn warm when charging, it's normal, but please remove the bag/keyboard case before you charge, to avoid over-heat. Please do not use anything to cover it when charging.

3. Fully charge may take you around 4~5 hours (depends on the size of Tablet PC, our latest device may charge faster) when you charge it while switch off (also depends on the charger you're using). It may take you longer time to fully charge it if you're not using it for long time.

4. Movies, Games, Internet consume more power than you use it for reading only on off-line mode.

5. Some Apps like 3D games consume a lot of power and make battery warm, it's normal. Just avoid keep playing this kind of game for long time.

6. Laptop USB voltage is low, it can't fully charge Tablet PC, and you can get a USB charger to charge it.

7. You can reduce the brightness of display to save some power: Settings - Display - Brightness - Slide to a lower level.

8. Battery may automatically discharge when you are not using for some time. Simply charge it again after use all the remaining power.

9. You may see 100% just few minutes after connect the charger, but it's not really fully charged. Fully charge will take you 4~6 hours, even longer, depends on the charger you're using.

10. Using while charging will not fully charge it, or take you longer time to fully charge, and it may reduce the lifespan of the battery.

11. The system will remind you when battery power is low. We advise you charge it as soon as possible when you see this kind of notification from system.

12. You can try this to maintain battery every two or three month (not every day): Spend all the power of battery (deep discharge), and then you charge it (deep recharge).

1. Charge it when you see the notification comes from the system.
2. Don't play with it when charging.
3. Don't over-charge.


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