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Written by our Editor in 2012. Some content may be out dated.

Can the Android tab accommodate Microsoft office and a flash disk?
Yes. You can download 'Office Suite for Android' from Play Store. We can offer you free software for viewing and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even viewing PDF.
You can also connect a flash disk to Tablet PC.

Does it have a VGA output or any other port that I can use to send my presentations to the projector?
Here are 2 ways that you can connect Tablet PC to a projector.
1. Some of the device has HDMI port. If you are using latest projector which has HDMI port, you can simply connect them together via HDMI cable.
2. Buy HDMI-VGA cable, connect Tablet PC to projector via HDMI-VGA cable.
Other solution: Connect Tablet PC to a High Definition (HD) TV, display your presentations on a HD TV. Most modern meeting room has big screen HD TV, the display even looks better than traditional projector. This would be the best option for small/medium meeting room, and SOHO (small office, home office).

Can I use any modem that I get to work in it?
Some modems are not compatible. You can refer to the supported list indicated in different devices. Settings - More - 3G dongle support list. Learn more about how to connect a modem

Can I insert in a local SIM card so that to support mobile internet or it only support Wi-Fi network for internet services?
You can use any standard size local SIM card on Tablet PC which has cellular option.
1. For Wi-Fi + Cellular device, you can simply access Internet with a SIM card as long as your area was covered by the telecommunication company's network. You can also use Wi-Fi network with this kind of devices.
Learn more
2. For Wi-Fi + Modem devices, you can connect to Internet either using Wi-Fi or a Modem.
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3. For Wi-Fi devices, you can only use Wi-Fi to access Internet.
Reference: Learn more about how to choose Tablet PC.

Is it charge like a phone?
If you're using a solar system to charge, please note that most Android Tablet PC can charge like a phone, Windows Tablet PC charge like a laptop. Please enquire your solar technician for details before you charge it in your solar system.

Can it play music with plug in headsets?
Yes, playing music is one of the functions of Tablet PC.

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