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New user guide on Android 4.x Tablet PC (Wi-Fi + Modem)

How to connect a Modem to this kind of device at the first time?

1. Connect your modem to Tablet PC with OTG cable

2. Settings - More - Mobile networks - Access Point Names - Press the small dot on the top of the right side - Press 'New APN' - Type the name of the Internet service provider - Type APN of your Internet service provider - Go back to More - Mobile network - Access Point Name - Select the APN you've just typed, it will show a blue dot after you selected

3. Settings - More - Mobile networks - Network operators - Select automatically - Wait for initialization - Until you see the sign for E, 3G or H+ and network strength sign shows on the bottom/top (depends on version) of the screen (Similar with the signal strength sign on your phone)

4. After you see the sign for your Internet service provider, you can use this modem to access Internet (Go to main user interface - press the sign of time and battery - it will pop up a notification and then you will see the sign of your Internet service provider)

You need to do the settings again if you change another modem.

Access Point Name

Please contact us if you need assistance on settings.

Other things to remind
1. Connect the charger as soon as possible when you see the tip 'Connect the charger' shows on the screen. If you have already exhausted the power of battery, it will show a red battery sign even if you connect the charger at the first few minutes, please leave it fully charged, and then switch on again. Use the device while charging is not recommended.

2. Use original pin charger provided in the box. USB charger can also be used. Do not over-charge the battery.

3. All smart devices, especially Android devices consume more power than non-smart devices. And also depends on how consumer uses it. The battery may just work few hours if the consumers keep watching video or web browsing. Tip: You may reduce the brightness of display to save some power. Settings – Display – Brightness - Slide to a lower level.

4. Battery temperature. It's very normal that battery may turn warm after keep using for a longer time, just like your phone battery may turn warm after a long call, especially when environment temperature is high.

5. If the device infected by unknown computer virus, or something goes wrong, you can always change it into default factory settings: Settings – Backup & reset – Factory data reset – Reset tablet. This function may delete all your applications and data in the device.

6. Use screen protection cover; otherwise you may scratch the screen. Please do not use sharp object (like key, pen, nail, etc.) to operate/move on the screen.


Make good use of Android

Charging & Battery Maintenance